This is my website. Website, say hello.

This site is under construction. Please be advised that hard hats are required at all times and your safety is not guaranteed, nor is it covered by my insurance. Should you feel you are putting yourself in danger, please use the button at the top left (if on a mac) or top right (if on a windows) to simply close the page you are viewing.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to look at my stuff. I hope you are inspired, enlightened and that your experience is one that would rival going to the moon. Or at least something close to it.

Since there isn’t much to see yet, I recommend looking at other websites for awhile. But if you simply MUST continue, here are a few things you can do:

  • Read the “About me” thing I wrote
  • Watch 2 videos I’ve added
  • Look at 3 pictures
  • Wonder how I made such an amazing website
  • Think that maybe, just maybe, you might like to contact me using the very handy “contact me” tab
  • Look at my website on your iPhone 4S, 4, 3G, 3, Original, Android, iPad, Galaxy, Nexus, iMac, Lenovo, Xbox, Playstation, Google TV, Apple II, N64, Lexus Rx430, Ray Ban Wayfarers, 3rd and 25th Avenue, A skyscraper, or any other digitized wonder of our modern world.
  • Seriously, it looks amazing on all of these “devices”
  • Leave and never come back



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