GoPro Hero HD

I recently acquired the GoPro HD. This thing is awesome. If you have ANY interest in cameras – still or video – get one. But make sure to get the little screen for the back. They call it a backpack. But it’s just a screen.

The camera shoots 11mp super wide angle pictures and 1080p video. It has a microphone and an audio line in jack. The battery lasts long enough to do something with and you can load it up with a 32gb SD card. I recommend class 10 or higher.

Basically, you get two major functions with a slew of alterations available. There is a photo mode and a video mode.

Video is normal and straight forward. Photo has a self timer function, a rapid fire sequence and time lapse. Time lapse can be set to .5, 1, 5, 10, 30, or 60 second intervals. And boy does it work well.

The outdoor kit comes with a plethora of attachment options including multiple arms capable of swiveling and turning, a head band, and an attachment with a strap that can be fastened to cars, bikes, wrists, legs, dogs, anything.There are a few other options out there as well – namely a motorsports suction cup and a body harness for flinging yourself off cliffs and capturing whatever it is your chest may be seeing on the way down.

In short, the thing costs $300 and is worth every penny. Buy it.


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